Where Can Old High School Yearbooks Be Purchased?

Jostens can print an old yearbook if the person who ordered it can get a school's permission, since the schools own rights for the yearbooks. People can obtain permission by contacting the school's media center or yearbook adviser.

Our Class Reunion has some yearbooks for sale, as well as a page where people can post advertisements about the yearbooks they would like to purchase. On this website, users can also find useful information on how to track down rare yearbooks online.

This Old Yearbook has a page with advertisements about yearbooks for sale, and a page with wanted yearbooks. Users can search yearbooks by state, and then city, institution name and year. Many of the yearbooks are available online, and every user can view them for free.

Another good place to look for old yearbooks is eBay. There is a large number of yearbooks from each state available.

There is a high likelihood of finding an old yearbook available for purchase by contacting the school, university or the alumni association. These institutions may have a yearbook available for photocopying, or they might have a way to assist alumni with purchasing one.

A local antiques store may have some old yearbooks available, especially if the school is located in a small town. There is also a small chance of finding a yearbook at an online auction.