Where Can You Find a Newspaper Online?


The Washington Post, The New York Times and USA Today all host online versions of their daily newspapers, enabling readers to keep up with the news from phones, tablets or laptops. Some papers also offer online subscription fees which grant readers access to additional material and to special promotions within the paper.

USA Today's online paper offers a crossword, updated stories and a wide variety of opinion pieces. It is updated in step with the daily news cycle and allows readers to keep closer contact with developing stories than they would be able to do through use of traditional print media.

The Washington Post's online paper takes advantage of its digital format with a navigable table of contents updated to reflect the current issue of the paper. This feature lets users navigate the paper via an updated database of its latest daily material. It also includes an online subscription option to grant readers access to more news resources.

The New York Times online paper incorporates a great deal of video content into its structure. This makes it similar in some ways to a television news outlet, although its video content is not live and is often geared toward considered opinion pieces and reflections on weekly events.

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