How Can You Get Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is bundled in many computers and is also available for download and purchase through Microsoft's website or through a variety of retailers and wholesalers when purchasing the program CDs. Some versions of Microsoft Word available for download offer a free trial period before requiring a purchase.

Microsoft Word is a word processor that can be purchased as a stand-alone product or bundled with the Microsoft Office program. Obtaining the program may be as easy as turning on a newly purchased computer or it may require a visit to the Microsoft website or another retailer or wholesaler.

  1. Getting Microsoft Word from a bundled computer

    Open the "Start" bar on the computer and type "Microsoft" into the field. If the program is bundled on the system it will come up. Click the icon and open the program. It will prompt for purchase.

  2. Downloading Microsoft Word

    The Microsoft website offers the ability to download and install the Word program as a stand-alone product or bundled with Office programs. Choose an option and click to purchase. After making payment, click the link to download the program. Follow the onscreen prompts for installation.

  3. Installing Microsoft Word from a CD

    Insert the CD purchased from any retailer or wholesaler into the CD drive of the computer. Follow the onscreen prompts for installation. Enter the product key to register the software when prompted.