Where Can You Find Medical Assistant Jobs?

Where Can You Find Medical Assistant Jobs?

Job search websites, such as Monster.com and CareerBuilder, feature employment opportunities for medical assistants, hospital medical assistants and physician assistants. In the United States, due to an increase in health care services, the demand for medical assistants is high.

Changes to federal health care laws along with an aging baby boomer population contribute to an increase in medical assistant employment opportunities. A shift within the health care industry from paper health care records to electronic files also plays a role in the increased demand for medical assistants. In addition to providing patient care, medical assistants must also learn how to use electronic record keeping programs to properly document patient visits, medications and procedures.

Medical assistants work closely with physicians and the nursing staff. Assistants must keep clinic and hospital rooms clean, assist in recording vital signs and must update and maintain patient care records. Medical assistants must earn a high school diploma or equivalent and complete a certification program from an accredited college or trade school.

Employment opportunities include physician's offices, health care clinics, hospitals, hospices and nursing care facilities. Medical assistants work both day and night shifts as needed, and typically work weekends and holidays. Opportunities for advancement depend on level of education, regional location and work experience.

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