Where Can You Find a Manual for a Home Touch Steamer?

To find a manual for a Home Touch steamer, visit ManualsLib.com or HomeAppliace.ManualsOnline.com. ManualsLib.com features the user manual for the HoMedics Home Touch PerfectSteam PS-250 commercial garment steamer and HomeAppliance.ManualsOnline.com features the manual for the HoMedics Home Touch PerfectSteam PS-200. Both manuals are in downloadable PDF file formats.

HoMedics produces the Home Touch range of professional garment steamers that are suitable for home use. The PS-200 steamer, for sale on Amazon as at January 2016, heats up in 45 seconds and continues to supply 40 minutes of steam through a 5-foot flexible hose. The steamer's storage system with water tank is telescopic for easy storage and has casters to aid movement. The PS-250 steamer is of a similar design and supplies 45 minutes of steam.