How Can You Make a Truck Sound Deeper and Louder?

To make a truck sound deeper and louder, take out its exhaust mufflers by taking out the truck's tailpipe, detaching the clamp of the muffler, and removing the inlet pipe using a hacksaw and a wrench. If desired, install a special muffler to alter the truck's sound.

Begin removing the exhaust muffler of a truck by switching off its engine and disconnecting the negative or black cable of the battery. This cuts off power supply to the truck.

Then, cut the end of the truck's tailpipe till the portion where the muffler is positioned with a hacksaw. If desired, skip this step, although carrying it out makes muffler removal an easier process.

Now, take out the rubber hangers that are attached to the truck's tailpipe. Using a wrench, make the tailpipe's bolts loose, and detach the tailpipe completely from the vehicle.

Next, position a stand beneath the muffler to support it, and detach the muffler's clamp. To gain access to the muffler, snip the inlet pipe. Finally, take out the muffler.

Install the special muffler only after the existing muffler is taken out. Before removing the truck's muffler, find out the state regulations concerning the same, as some states deem it illegal to drive a truck without mufflers.