Can You Make Hollandaise Sauce in the Microwave?


Hollandaise sauce can be made in the microwave by adding melted butter to the mixture of lemon juice and egg yolks, before placing in the microwave on high heat for around 15 seconds, removing to stir, and repeating this process until the sauce is emulsified. Making the sauce the traditional way on a stove can take up to 20 minutes.

Using the microwave as a replacement for the stove works at every stage of the recipe, although care must be taken not to overcook the sauce during key stages.

The ingredients for hollandaise comprise half a cup of melted butter, 3 large separated egg yolks and around 1 and a half tablespoons of fresh lemon juice.

When using the microwave method, it may seem at first as if the sauce is lumpy. Simply continue to cook for 15 seconds and whisk, and the lumps will begin to get mixed in properly.

Overall, the sauce should not be cooked in the microwave for more than 1 minute, stopping every 15 seconds to whisk. If cooked for longer, the hollandaise is likely to curdle.

Curdling can be fixed, however, by boiling 2 tablespoons of milk in the microwave for approximately 30 seconds then whisking into the curdled sauce until it is smooth again.

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