How Can You Find a Local Pipe Organ Builder?


Search for local pipe organ builders by visiting online organ directories such as the National Association of Pastoral Musician's Organ Builders Directory and the Organ Builders Directory Database of Both websites list organ builders across the United States for browsing or searching.

On the NAPM's Organ Builders Directory website, you can utilize a search engine on the top-right corner of the page to check for local or area pipe organ builders. You can also scroll through the alphabetical list of pipe organ builders to view their locations. The directory also provides builder addresses, contact information, contact names, types of organs available and associations, when applicable. Additionally, the site provides links to the builders' websites, when applicable.'s pipe organ builders directory offers a search platform for builders by state, ZIP code, area code or city. You can also click on the List link to browse through a directory that arranges entries by country and state or province. Each entry lists addresses, phone and fax numbers, email addresses and websites.

Additional organizations that can aid organists in securing good pipe organs are the American Guild of Organists and Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America. Both organizations provide membership to qualifying individuals.