Where Can You Find Lists of Free Student Scholarships?

Where Can You Find Lists of Free Student Scholarships?

There are many online lists of free student scholarships, including ones maintained by the Consumer Fraud Reporting Bureau, the list of free minority scholarships at Black Excel and the lists hosted on Scholarship Experts. These sites maintain different lists of scholarships that are organized by their accessibility and by the ways in which they apply and do not apply to bodies of students, according to the websites themselves.

Scholarship Experts has a directory of scholarships available without access fees. This directory groups scholarships by subject, allowing students to pick and choose according to their areas of interest and expertise. It also hosts lists of contests and sweepstakes for which students can apply.

Black Excel has a list of scholarships that it updates regularly and which are available to different segments of minority communities. The site hosts links to scholarships for disabled, African American, Latino and Latina and Asian students, among many other social groups who may be underserved by mainstream scholarship organizations.

Consumer Fraud Reporting checks its scholarships carefully to determine that they are free for students to apply to and that they are legitimate offerings, states the company. This makes its list a valuable resource for those who want to keep their application budgets under control and get a good feel for the applications they do send out.

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