How Can You Legally Watch Recent Movies Online for Free?

As of 2015, most recently released film are only available legally for rent or purchase. Various websites, such as, offer free movies available for legal streaming, but most are not recently released films. allows users to purchase and stream recently released films online. Most websites that advertise having recently released films for free are usually illegal and feature copyrighted movies. Government and private agencies regularly patrol these websites and look for illegal users, who might receive fines.

Public domain websites provide a variety of free and legal classic movies and TV shows for users to watch. These websites provide video content that's legal either because the copyrights have expired or the content’s owner is providing it for free viewing. Some public domain websites also allow the option to download videos for free offline viewing.

Most video streaming sites that feature an impressive selection of free streaming content feature commercials. The video advertisements are featured because the content is being paid for by the sponsor, which allows the stream to be available for free. Paying for more recently released films might require users to create an account with the service and pay for movies individually or pay a monthly subscription fee. Subscription services, such as Hulu and Netflix, provide unlimited streaming and allow users to enjoy content on mobile devices.