How Can You Learn to Play the Keyboard Without an Instructor?


Websites such as allow provide videos and other instructional materials for self-study of piano playing. The Piano Tutor app for iPad and iPhone also provides tools for self-instruction. has 100 free video piano lessons in a sequence that allows students to build up their skills. The lessons begin with the basics and do not require any experience playing the keyboard. Each lesson offers instructions for further practice and target goals to reach before moving on to the next lesson. also offers additional learning activities, MP3 lessons and corresponding sheet music. offers free online lessons intended for players ages 13 and above. Each lesson features a Flash animation that shows students how to learn the songs and allows them to play along. The site also offers a preparation section that lays out the basics of keyboard playing, including music notation, chords, notes and scales.

Piano Tutor is an iPad and iPhone app that teaches keyboarding and allows students to practice their skills. The app offers exercises designed to improve sight reading, rhythm, pitch recognition and general playing. Piano Tutor also allows users to plug in MIDI keyboards and play along with the lessons on the screen.