Where Can You Find Free Land Maps Online?

The best bet and most popular place to go for free maps online is at google.com/maps. Google Maps is the most up-to-date map system that is easily available on both your desktop/laptop and mobile devices. Users can view maps globally or locally, including accessing travel directions.

Google Maps is the most well known and reliable online resource for maps and directions. It's ability to zoom in and out makes the software user friendly for anyone lost or planning a trip. Not only can you see an image of the location you are heading to before you get there, but you also have multiple options when it comes to forms of transportation. Google Maps directions will tell you what routes to take if you are driving, or what buses to get on if you are using public transportation.

For those looking for a map that has less to do with travel, and more to do with the study of land as in topography or a satellite view of any area, then mytopo.com is a helpful website. Very user friendly and more traditionally accurate with it's topographical view option, mytopo.com is the map lover's haven. The website features both an adjustable zoom bar and a search engine just like Google Maps. Mytopo.com also offers printed maps and map software for purchase. Both websites are excellent options for anyone searching for free up-to-date maps online.