Where Can You Find Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns?

As of May 2015, you can find free knitting patterns online through sites such as LionBrand.com, Yarnspirations.com and KnitPicks.com. Find free crochet patterns online through RedHeart.com and CrochetPatternCentral.com. These sites contain patterns for a variety of projects, including clothing items, accessories and decorations.

LionBrand.com maintains a section of its site that allows users to locate a wide selection of free craft patterns, including free knitting patterns. The knitting patterns page features categories based on who should use the item (adults, babies, young boys, young girls or cats). The site's categories also include options for home decorations such as pillows and blankets. KnitPicks.com doesn't offer such categories, but lets users filter based on the difficulty of the product. This site also contains free crochet patterns as well as for-sale patterns in both craft styles.

The free patterns page on RedHeart.com includes a section for a featured pattern as well as an area that contains patterns recently added to the site. This section also includes an option for viewing the most popular patterns on the site. CrochetPatternentral.com enables users to browse a list of all the different free crochet pattern projects before accessing the individual patterns. Clicking on a category loads a list of the different projects available.