Where Can You Find Information About Season 7 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"?

Some sources of information regarding the seventh season of モThe Real Housewives of Atlantaヤ include the websites for Bravo, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly and TV Fanatic, as of 2015. The series focuses on the lives of a group of wealthy, socially active women living in Atlanta.

As the official home of モReal Housewives,ヤ Bravoメs website offers a range of information about the showメs seventh season, including an in-depth episode guide. Users can browse individual episodes, read synopses, view photo reels and watch clips of episode highlights. Bravo also offers cast blogs in which different characters share their perspectives on an episodeメs events. TV Guide also offers episode guides for each season, complete with brief summaries and links to different services that offer streaming or downloading of episodes.

Entertainment Weekly offers more in-depth reviews and analyses of episodes from the seventh season. The site posts lengthy pieces after each episode, letting TV critics weigh in on plot developments and character drama. EW reviewers acknowledge the showメs frivolity while simultaneously celebrating it, but they do note points when the showメs various subplots seem to drag. Users can also comment on each episodeメs drama and share their opinions.

TV Fanatic is another site that offers episode recaps of モThe Real Housewives of Atlanta.ヤ The siteメs reviews detail different developments in each episode and award or detract points depending on their effects on the show, finally arriving at overall episode and season scores.