What Can Be Found at a Discount Store?


Discount stores usually sell a wide range of grocery, personal hygiene and general retail goods. Their inventory usually varies based on their format, some examples of which are "dollar-only" stores and stores that specialize in overstock.

Some examples of "dollar-only" retail chains are 99 Cents Only and Dollar Tree. These stores carry a wide range of non-perishable foods and beverages, basic party supplies, basic tools, and personal hygiene and beauty aids among other types of items. Many also have a small refrigerated and frozen foods section, and 99 Cents Only stores usually carry bread and produce as well. Most of the items in these stores cost one dollar, but there are usually a few exceptions that are slightly more expensive such as milk and some types of fresh fruit.

Some retail chains offer deep discounts by carrying inventory that is mostly overstock or closed-out merchandise obtained at a very low price. Some prominent examples of national chains that operate this way are Big Lots for general household goods and Grocery Outlet for groceries and alcoholic beverages. The exact selection of merchandise at these types of stores can be unpredictable, but brand names are also often available at a very deep discount.

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