Where Can You Find Floor Plans for a Tree House Online?

Websites that provide tree house floor plans include Treehouse Guides, Tree House Supplies and Wood Workers Workshop. All floor plans include tips for selecting the right trees, a list of building materials and step-by-step building instructions.

These websites features a variety of different tree house styles such as A-frame, tower, double decker, square and hexagonal tree houses, as well as tree houses that require the support of two trees. Treehouse Guides and Tree House Supplies sell tree house designs and floor plans, while Wood Workers Workshop allows visitors to view building instructions and floor plans for free.

Tree house floor plans include room dimensions, window and door widths and lengths, ladder widths and lengths, and tree circumferences. Floor plans also include instructions for building specific parts of a tree house, such as the frame and the walls. These websites also provide images of completed tree houses for additional guidance during the construction process.

Tree diameter and vertical requirements vary based on the size of the tree house. Tree House Supplies provides free instructions for building a tree house platform if suitable trees are not available. Partial post support to hold some of the weight of the tree house may be used along with smaller, less mature trees.