How Can I Fix My Disabled IPhone?

How Can I Fix My Disabled IPhone?

A disabled iPhone can be fixed using the recovery mode, or with iTunes, if the device has been properly synced to it. An iPhone becomes disabled when the passcode is entered incorrectly at least six times. To restore with iTunes, simply connect to your computer via USB and open iTunes to access the restore options.

  1. Plug in the USB cable

    Plug your iPhone's USB cable into the computer you sync your phone with, but do not connect your iPhone to the cable yet.

  2. Turn the iPhone off

    Hold down the sleep button in the top right corner to turn the iPhone off. Slide the slider that appears at the top of the screen. If that does not work, continue to press the sleep button until the phone shuts down.

  3. Connect the iPhone to the USB cable

    Hold down the home button on the phone, and connect the phone to the USB cable. The phone will turn on. Keep pressing the home button until the USB cable logo or iTunes logo appears on the screen. The phone is now in recovery mode.

  4. Click the restore button

    Click the restore button, and follow the directions to restore your iPhone's factory settings or most recent backup settings.

  5. Exit recovery mode

    Unplug the iPhone from the USB cable and turn off the phone by holding down the home button. Turn the phone back on and it should be accessible.

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