Where Can You Find Easy Recipes That Use Cream Cheese?


Cooks can find easy recipes that use cream cheese from multiple print and online sources, including the Food Network, Epicurious and Martha Stewart websites. Cream cheese can be used in a variety of recipes, such as frosting, dips and ice cream, among others.

The Food Network website offers a large selection of recipes that utilize cream cheese, and users can browse and search through the list of recipes. Available recipes include items such as cream cheese wontons, cherry pie, flan, crab dip, cucumber tea sandwiches, empanadas, cupcakes and mashed potatoes. The recipes listed on the Food Network website are typically offered by the network's chefs.

Epicurious is a large recipe website that allows users to search recipes by a number of filters, including meal course, dish type, dietary considerations, main ingredient, cuisine, holiday and preparation method. Available cream cheese recipes include frosting, turtle cake, macaroni and cheese, raspberry brownies, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, crostatas, canapes and frittatas, among others.

The Martha Stewart website is an accompaniment to the magazine, and it features lifestyle tips, videos, articles, recipes and more. Site visitors can use the search tool to find recipes that utilize cream cheese as an ingredient, and available recipes include cream cheese filling, frosting, dip, cupcakes and crepes.

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