Where Can You Download a Free Template for a Basic Resume?


Three websites that offer free templates for a basic resume are Instant Resume Templates, Tidyform and Hloom. These sites offer templates ranging from a multipurpose traditional resume to those focusing on a person's achievements, skills, education or work experience in a particular industry. They are mostly a page or two long.

Instant Resume Templates offers its files in the Microsoft Word format. Users can find free resume templates designed for entry-level, academic, volunteer, freelance and internship positions, as well as for candidates who want to focus on certain skills and competencies.

Tidyform offers its free templates in Adobe Portable Document Format, or PDF, and Microsoft Word format. As of 2015, there are general templates available, including one with examples for what to place in each section.

Hloom's free templates are in the Microsoft Word format and range from those for recent graduates to those seeking advanced positions in academia and industry.

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