Where Can You Download the IELTS Course?

You cannot download the 2015 IELTS course, although there are plenty of practice tests and support materials available on both the British Council and IELTS.org. With an email sign up, IELTSEssentials.com provides guides on what to study for its present iteration.

Alternative methods of approaching IELTS are also available on the websites mentioned, including app-based English learning and online courses. The IELTS test itself must be taken at a regional test center, which can be located through the British Council website or IELTS.org. IELTS.org provides a handbook from 2007 in PDF form, used by teachers and examiners, which may give a better picture of what is expected from the student. This can only be a general guide due to its age; the course itself has been adapted multiple times in the intervening years.