How Can a Damaged Cuticle Be Healed?


Most damaged cuticles can be healed by protecting the skin from further damage and keeping it continuously moisturized with a thick moisturizer that is intended for the skin. Cuticles are strong pieces of skin that are intended to protect the nail bed and are somewhat difficult to damage, especially when they are cared for properly.

Whether a cuticle is damaged or in good condition, it is important that it be kept moisturized. A thick ointment is important to wear on the cuticles, although it may be difficult to do so in the daytime. If ointment is worn at night, it is acceptable to wear skin lotion on the cuticles during the day. A hot wax treatment offered by a professional salon will also help the cuticles stay moisturized.

Cuticles should never be cut and most damaged cuticle issues come from cutting the cuticles, according to WebMD. If the cuticles are in the way of the nails, they can be gently pushed back using an orange stick. The cuticles should never be placed in the mouth because enzymes in the saliva can break down the skin and make the cuticles more susceptible to damage. Reputable salons and manicurists that are gentle on the hands should only ever be used.

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