How Can I Create Wavy Hair?


There are many ways to create beautiful wavy hair. This heat-free method gives you waves while you sleep. The supplies you need are shampoo, conditioner, a bath towel, a hairbrush, firm-hold mousse, salt spray, hairspray, root volumizer and elastic hair bands.

  1. Wash your hair

    Shampoo, condition and rinse your hair. Twist it to remove excess water, then cover your hair with a towel, and squeeze out additional moisture. Do not rub the towel over your head.

  2. Brush your hair

    Brush your hair, and part it down the middle.

  3. Apply mousse

    Apply firm-hold mousse, and finger-comb it through your hair. Dispense more product, and massage it into your roots and scalp.

  4. Braid your hair

    Create one tight braid on each side of your head. Secure the ends with elastic hair bands.

  5. Mist your hair with salt spray

    Mist your hair with salt spray, and apply extra product to the lower half of your braids.

  6. Leave the braids in overnight

    Sleep with your hair braided.

  7. Undo the braids

    The following morning, remove the elastic hair bands, and separate the braids with your fingers.

  8. Set the waves with hairspray

    Lift the hair on the crown of your head, and spray the roots with volumizing spray. Then mist the lower half of your hair with a final coat of firm-hold hairspray.