How Can You Check VINs in Canada?

To check the VINs of vehicles in Canada, perform a VIN check online using VIN validator websites, or order a history report for the vehicle using the VIN from websites such as Carfax. Examine the car history report for theft, accidents and/or recalls concerning the vehicle.

Before checking the VIN of a vehicle in Canada, ensure that the same number is present at the bottom of the door on the driver's side, on the windshield of the car at the lower right-hand corner, on the car manual, on insurance forms and on ownership permits.

Some VIN validator websites used to validate the VIN for free include Decode This! and VINquery. On Decode This!, type in the VIN of the car at the top of the page, and click on Decode. On VINquery, enter the VIN in the concerned field on the left side of the page, and click on Go.

Alternatively, order a more detailed history report of the car from websites such as Carfax. Look through the report for any details given by the law enforcement personnel regarding theft of the vehicle. Additionally, verify that the car owner and the person selling the car are the same person to protect against curb stoning. Also, look for any inconsistencies in the odometer readings in the car history report.