Where Can I Buy Used Tires?


Auto repair shops, junkyards and tire stores are the most common places to buy used tires as of 2015, according to Bankrate. Consumers can also buy tires online through private sellers using portals such as eBay, though it is difficult to get a good inspection of the tire quality.

Credible tire stores that offer used tires along with new tires typically perform a full inspection to ensure the tires are of good quality and safe. A quality used tire is often a good option when a car has just one tire that is worn or damaged, according to Big O Tires. With an online portal like eBay, consumers have the ability to look through various listings with descriptions, images and pricing of tires. Seller ratings are also available. Junkyards have many types of car parts, including used tires. Drivers can buy them directly or source them through a repair shop for installation, according to Sturtevant Used Auto Parts.

A key concern with buying used tires is safety, according to Bankrate. Often, the price differential is modest relative to the risks of uncertainty and safety. A key problem is the customer's inability to review the tire's history. A compelling visual appearance is sometimes misleading in regards to the condition.