Where Can You Buy Salvaged Auto Parts?


Salvaged auto parts can be purchased online through specialty used parts resellers, such as PartsHotlines, Auto Truck Salvage and Car-Part.com, which allows users to search the inventor of various salvage yards and auto recyclers. Parts can also be purchased in person from local auto salvage yards.

The Car-Parts.com site allows users to browse for parts in several ways, such as by conducting a visual image search or by entering details about the part needed, including the make and model of the car in which the part is to be installed and the part's name. Search results can be filtered by price range or the location of the seller.

Auto Truck Salvage allows its customers to purchase parts either through its website or by calling its main office. Customers using the site can search for parts based on keywords as well as view galleries of different parts for various vehicles, ranging from tucks and SUVs to vans and general auto parts. Users can also view images of the cars brought into the lot before they are dismantled directly from the site.

Websites such as Junk Yard Dogs allow uses to locate local salvage yards based on state. Listings include contact information for the site, which allows users to find out hours of operation and any special requirements, such as payment methods accepted.