Where Can You Buy a Gas Range Cover?


Shoppers can buy gas range covers directly from manufacturers such as StoveTopper and the Cooktop Cover as well as from retailers online at Amazon.com, as of 2015. All three vendors offer an array of different sizes to help ensure that covers match the exact dimensions of customers' stoves.

StoveTopper provides a lightweight option for keeping stove burners covered when not in use, and the manufacturer sells the items directly to consumers over the Internet. The StoveTopper website uses flat-rate shipping for customers throughout the United States, and the company recommends using the product only with gas stoves that use electronic ignition instead of a pilot light.

The Cooktop Cover delivers an alternate way to cover stoves and create a valuable space in kitchens for working or setting up displays. The manufacturer's retail site accepts PayPal as well as many common credit cards as payment options, and custom orders are available to help ensure customers get covers that fits their ranges exactly.

Amazon.com offers a wide selection of options to help cover gas ranges when they are not being used, and many of the covers available on Amazon come with free shipping when included as part of an order totaling more than $35.

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