Where Can I Buy Coins?

Collectors can buy coins from coin dealers, the U.S. Mint, and auction sites such as eBay. When buying coins, knowing how to spot fakes and understanding the wholesale values of different coins will help ensure that collectors get the best value for their money.

Buying coins from a dealer requires purchasers to understand each coin's wholesale value to ensure they don't overspend. Each week, the Coin Dealer Newsletter prints the Grey Sheet, which reflects the current prices of coins. While buyers should expect to pay more than the wholesale value for a coin, using this sheet helps buyers understand each coin's worth.

Another coin resource is eBay, where both experts and novices sell their coins. Coin shoppers on eBay, should avoid coins that sellers claim are rare even though they are widely available across the site. This will reduce the risk of purchasing a fake coin. Paying with a credit card also ensures that the buyer will receive a refund in the event of a coin being fake. Collectors with an interest in the U.S. Mint can purchase directly from them by visiting their official website. The U.S. Mint usually only sells current collections but may occasionally sell coins from the previous year.