Can You Build a Private Water Tower?

It depends upon the municipality and local zoning and building laws as to whether a homeowner can build a private water tower. Many towns and communities enforce strict laws, and construction permits may need to be obtained.

A 15-foot-high, 375-gallon tank provides 6 pounds of pressure in waterlines. That is enough pressure, according to Mother Earth News, to provide a gentle shower spray, running water in the kitchen and refill for a toilet's flush tank.

Building and Raising the Tower

After obtaining any neccessary permits, draw an outline of the plans to scale and begin building the tower in two halves — a front and a back — being careful to notch the legs at intervals to accommodate heavy cross braces. With a helper, connect the front to the back and string a guide wire diagonally between opposing legs for extra strength.

Next, build and add the platform where the tank will sit and attach it to the upper end of the joined halves of the tower. After the tank is in place with anchoring strips, stretch several lengths of block and tackle and prepare to raise the water tower. A few hundred feet of half-inch rope may be needed for this.

Securing the Tower

The tower might dance around a bit as it rocks into place after being hoisted. Be sure to secure the tower into place. Route and attach the waterline from the tank to the home's plumbing. Make sure to insulate the pipes.

Once attached, fill the tank, check lines for leaks, and turn on the water.