How Can You Become a Member of the BMG Music CD Club?


BMG Music Service, a membership club that sold CD music at discount prices, ceased to exist in June 2009. Before ending operations, BMG Music Service informed its subscribers about its impending closure and referred subscribers to a similar service called, which stopped operating in June 2011.

For many years, BMG Music Service offered members its 10 or 12 music albums on CD for the price of one deal, and club members received music via mail order subscription. Members received monthly mailings offering music specials, and members automatically received a selected CD unless the mailer was sent back marked not interested. The membership offered single-disc CD albums at the set price of $6.99 without any shipping charges, but this venture ceased operations due to the declining popularity of buying albums on CD. Columbia House also had a competing music subscription service, until it was bought by BMG and ceased selling music in favor of movies and TV shows on DVD.

There are numerous music subscription services that sell access to a wide range of digital music for a monthly fee. There are also digital radio stations that allow free listening, but music selection is determined by the radio station, and non-paying listeners are subjected to advertisements. Each music streaming service offers a music catalog of songs from a variety of artists.

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