How Can You Apply for a Phone Online?

How Can You Apply for a Phone Online?

The general process to apply for a phone online is to choose a carrier, go to the carrier's website, choose a phone and a plan and sign up. You can also apply for a free government phone through the Lifeline program if you cannot afford a monthly cell phone plan.

Popular carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile offer free or reduced price phones if the customer buys the phone with an annual contract. You can also buy a phone without an annual contract for full price, which provides flexibility if you want to switch providers. Choose a phone with your desired plan and add it to your cart. Next, choose various features and accessories, including device protection and charging tools.

You can choose to transfer your current phone number to the new phone and whether you want to have the phone delivered to you or pick it up at the store. The last step is to pay for the phone by credit or debit card and provide a Social Security number so that the carrier can check your credit score.

To apply for a free government phone, you must have an income below a certain amount or participate in an eligible assistance program. Go to the Lifeline Support website to find providers in your state, choose a provider and apply to the program either online or by mail, depending on the provider.

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