Where Can You Apply to Get Free Diabetes Supplies?


Patients can get free diabetes supplies from their health care providers, or they can apply to drug companies that sell diabetes supplies, notes the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. As of 2015, the Partnership for Prescription Assistance lists almost 500 such programs at PPARx.org.

Diabetes patients can apply for free glucose meters, test strips and insulin syringes on the website for Partnership for Prescription Assistance. Patients can also apply for new or refurbished insulin pumps. Some of these supplies are available through Medicare, while others are provided through patient assistance programs from drug companies.

Patients who need free medication can apply to NeedyMeds and Rx Outreach, notes the NIDDK. Both are nonprofit organizations. NeedyMeds allows users to search assistance programs by medication name or manufacturer, and apply to those programs online. Rx Outreach is an online pharmacy that provides medications to patients in need.

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