Where Can You Access Salary Scales for Minnesota State Employees?

Payscale.com and FederalPay.org are two websites that feature salary scales for employees of the state of Minnesota. The latter website gives information on salaries of federal civilian employees.

Website visitors do not have to log in to view information on Payscale.com. The website's salary scales are free to peruse. Clicking the state or province link retrieves salary data for state employees, which employees submit and Payscale.com then tabulates and publishes.

The data does not reflect all jobs in a particular state, only those that Payscale.com contains in its online databases. Tech, finance and engineering salaries tend to predominate.

FederalPay.org features salary scales according to the General Schedule, which is a federal government payscale. Salary scales correspond to GS Paygrades one to 15 and Paygrade Steps one to 10.