Where Can You Find a 1955 Chevy for Sale?


You can find a 1955 Chevy for sale on sites such as CarsForSale.com, Cars-On-Line.com, eBay and ClassicCars.com. Both dealers and private sellers post listings to these sites, each of whom sets different requirements for payment and retrieving the car.

Buying a 1955 Chevy from a dealer provides the purchaser with certain levels of protection if the car experiences a mechanical or electrical malfunction. Dealers are officially licensed businesses operating under the oversight of various state and federal bodies and thus must follow certain requirements. Private sellers, however, are not monitored by such organizations and are not required to do anything for a buyer wanting to return a car that has a problem. Consequently, buyers should consider personal preferences and comfort levels when deciding whether to buy from a dealer or private seller.

Other factors to consider include the payment method for the car and the ability to inspect it prior to purchase. Many private sellers require cash payments, as cash has the lowest likelihood of fraud compared to checks or electronic transfers. Dealers typically accept various payment methods, along with offering the option to pay in smaller installments over time. Dealers must also inspect cars before selling them to ensure minimum safety levels.