What Do Buyers Say About the Quality of Their Haier Microwave Models?

As of February 2015, the majority of the customer reviews for Haier microwaves on Amazon.com tend to be positive, but there are mixed or negative reviews as well. Most reviewers found the microwaves to be compact and work well, but some complained of continuous, intermittent beeping after cooking was completed.

The reviews for Haier microwaves on Haier's website are also mostly positive, with a few negative reviews. Positive reviewers pointed specifically to the small size and low cost. Common complaints include a plastic odor and lack of durability. A reviewer on Amazon.com also noted an odor to the microwave and that the construction seems low quality.

For the HMC935SESS model, one reviewer noted an issue with the number 1 button cracking on both his original and replacement microwave. A reviewer of the HMC920BEBB complained of a damaged glass seal on his first microwave and a blown interior light bulb on the replacement.

Several reviewers complained about the lack of a quick-start feature for multiple Haier microwaves. Another common issue was the units breaking down quickly, in some cases within the first year. Positive reviewers noted an easy-to-use design and quiet operation. Most reviewers agreed that the microwaves heated food quickly and evenly.