How Do You Buy Gold Mangalsutra Online?

Paliwal Jewelers offers an exclusive selection of gold mangalsutra pendants, necklaces and sets online. Meena Jewelers sells gold mangalsutra chains, necklaces, pendants and sets, online and at its store location. Totaram Papalal & Sons Jewelers also sells gold mangalsutra chains and pendants online.

Paliwal Jewelers' mangalsutra pendants and necklaces consist of 22-karat gold, and the selection emphasizes items for special occasions, including Panigrahana, Bidaai and several other traditional wedding blessings and rituals. The company ships internationally, and it offers free shipping on orders within India.

Meena Jewelers offers traditional and contemporary mangalsutra items in 22- and 18-karat gold. The selection includes several meenakari mangalsutra necklaces. Most of the jewelry items are unique, and they are crafted by artisans that are called soni or sunaar in India. Taj Online, LLC operates as Meena Jewelers, and the company runs a modern factory in Atlanta, Georgia. The company ships only in the United States, as of 2015.

Totaram Papalal & Sons Jewelers sells 22-karat gold mangalsutra items. The company sells plain gold and jeweled pendants, beaded and plain gold chains, and diamond mangalsutra necklaces and sets. The company guarantees 22-karat gold with a 91.60-percent return warranty on the gold price for the date of sale. The warranty applies to the net gold weight of the order. Totaram Papalal & Sons Jewelers offers free shipping and handling in India, as well as free lifetime repair on all purchased goods.