How Do You Build a Resume From a Template?

To build a resume from a template, open a word processing software program, and find the resume templates from the new document files. Once you select a template with a format you like, open it, and begin changing the information in each section to reflect your background.

The top of the resume typically contains contact information. Include your name, address, phone number and email. The remaining sections of the resume are in different orders, but contain your career objective, educational history, job history and special skills.

In the objectives section, write one or two clear sentences about your personal work goals. Change the sentences as needed for job applications in different sectors. Include all educational information in the education section, from diplomas to degrees and certifications. Start with the most recent achievement, and go backwards chronologically. List the type of degree, the name of the institution and the date the degree was earned.

Fill out your job history section in reverse chronology as well. Include the company name, your job title, the city of employment, the dates of employment and your job duties. Add additional skills or accomplishments in the skills section. If not already included in the template, add a reference section, and list the names, titles and phone numbers of the referees. Review, edit and reformat the document as needed to create your ideal resume before saving or printing it.