How Do You Build a Resume?

To build a resume, combine your contact information, a brief experience headline, work experience, skills and education into a concise document. The exact format can vary based upon profession and experience. However, the fundamental goal of detailing experience and qualifications is universal.

  1. Create the heading

    The heading of a resume consists of your name and contact information. Make sure to use your preferred name and current contact details.

  2. Write a brief summarizing headline

    Also referred to as the resume objective, the headline is a brief summary of why you're the ideal candidate. Headline phrases should be customized for specific jobs.

  3. Detail work experience

    Organize relevant work experience in reverse-chronological order, or last to first. Avoid writing generic job descriptions. Create a concise paragraph detailing your accomplishments followed by a bullet list of specific contributions. Focus job history and achievements based upon position requirements.

  4. Outline education

    Detail all completed and in-progress education. Include degree level, major, graduation date and school information. To emphasize job-relevant training, list specific courses or certification programs. Detail continued education training that confirms job educational requirements and showcases your desire for learning.

  5. Create a skills section

    Write a bullet list of soft and hard skills. Soft skills are general abilities applicable to all job positions. Hard skills are position-specific abilities. Adjust the skills section for each job application to highlight required talents and skill sets.