How Do You Build an Entertainment Center?

To begin building an entertainment center, you need to design a cabinet that fits the size and needs of space. The cabinet can be 23-7/8” deep, 85-1/2” wide x 82-1/4”.

Cut 4x8 sheets of plywood to the depth of the cabinet. Each sheet of plywood should give two panels 8” long. Cut the panels to necessary lengths. Drill holes for the adjustable shelves and attach a piece of pegboard to the inner side of each panel. Drill countersunk pilot holes deep enough for each screw.

Upon drilling the holes, organize and assemble all parts by applying glue to each shelf. Elevate the unit off the floor and make room for the base molding. Apply stain to the entertainment center using a soft rag. Let the stain dry completely for 6 -12 hours. As the stain dries, cut and attach the face molding. The face molding covers the front edge of all the shelves and vertical panels. Connect the back panel. It is made by cutting three panels 30” wide by 45” tall.

Make the sliding tracks by cutting 1”x2” to 85-1/2” long. Attach the tracks to the back, top, and bottom of the upper unit. Slide the cabinet into position. Measure for the colonial and the base molding and cut both to length. Finally, fix with 1” finish nails and patch all the nail holes with paintable caulk.