Where Is Buckley's Cough Syrup Sold?


Buckley's cough syrup is sold through a number of online and physical retailers, including CVS Pharmacy, Amazon and eBay. The prices vary depending on the product's size and retailer, but they generally sell for around $23 as of March 2015.

Amazon sells a 150 ml bottle for $23 in addition to any shipping costs and a 250 ml bottle for $36.99. EBay has listings for several 350 ml bottles ranging from $17 to $23.95 plus shipping. CVS Pharmacy does not sell Buckley's products online, but it does stock the cough syrup at specific branches.

Buckley's is a Canadian brand based out of Toronto. It was started in 1921, which has given the company many years to perfect its cough syrup product and introduce more varieties into the marketplace. There are several different kinds of Buckley's Liquids, which include such products as Buckley's Original Mixture, Original Mixture Nighttime, Complete, Complete + Extra Strength Mucus Relief, Complete Nighttime, Cough Chest Congestion and Cough Mucus & Phlegm. The Original Mixture is the easiest to find at retailers, and its formulation provides for cough and congestion relief related to minor bronchial irritations, colds, hoarseness, laryngitis, minor irritation from dust, pollution or smoking, and croupy cough. Buckley's also makes pills and lozenges for additional relief.

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