What Is a Bubble Popper Game?


Bubble popper games require players to pop as many bubbles as they can using the specific mechanics of each game. Some allow users to directly click on bubbles and pop them for different points values, and others require shooting bubbles of matching colors to accrue points.

"Bubble Popper Deluxe" from Digital Chocolate uses an angle-based mechanic that lets users shoot bubbles towards ever-falling stacks of bubbles, each featuring a different color. As players link sets of three or more bubbles of the same color, the bubbles pop and add to the players' scores based on the numbers popped with that particular shot. Players unlock additional levels by popping all of the bubbles on the screen.

"Bubble Poppers," hosted on GameHouse and created by WellGames, challenges players to pop all the bubbles on each level as quickly as possible. The game lets players click on bubbles directly, and popping bubbles of different colors and sizes increases the players' scores. Missing a bubble and clicking on the screen detracts from the score, potentially reducing scores to zero if players miss enough bubbles. Popping all of the bubbles in one level moves players directly to the next level, in which bubbles move faster.