What Is Broadband TV?

Broadband TV allows users watch streaming television on their computers. These streaming broadcasts require a cable or DSL Internet connection. Channels available for viewing on regular satellite or cable television are available with broadband television.

Broadband services turn your telephone line into different paths. As opposed to DSL services, which only allow for one line of transportation, broadband allows for more lanes of traffic to carry information via the broadband line. Broadband TV occurs when packets of television data are streamed over these various broadband lines. The only basic requirement for broadband television is an Internet connection that can sustain the required kilobit data transfer speed. Broadband TV is intended to be watched on a computer. Some services require a subscription-based monthly fee. Certain broadband television services allow for interaction. Media programs such as Windows Media Player or Real Player may be required to watch shows streaming over broadband Internet. Broadband television shows are available on demand.