What Is a Blowout for Your Hair?


During a blowout, a dryer is used to dry hair while creating a specific style, either straight or bouncy. It may be done with any type of hair: long, short, medium, straight, curly or wavy. The procedure is done by both professionals at hair salons and individuals at home.

Blot, do not rub, hair with a towel to remove some of the moisture. The typical blowout begins with a commercial product to protect hair from heat and prevent frizz. For full volume, apply mousse to the top of the head where it is most needed, then work a bit down to the ends. De-tangle hair gently with fingers. Hair is unable to hold a style until it is almost dry. Let it dry naturally or finger-comb it while using the hair dryer until it is about 80 percent dry. When hair is ready, dry one small section at a time: enough to fit around a round brush. To get the rest of the hair out of the way, pin it up. With the brush on top of one section, pull hair straight out from the roots, and blow dry the area close to the scalp. Repeat with the middle and end areas of that section, remembering to pull hair out. Use this process to dry the entire head. For extra volume in the very top sections, pull hair straight up while drying. Once the entire head is done, set the dryer to the coolest setting, and gently blow all the hair without using a brush.