How Do You Bet on a Race at Churchill Downs?

Bet on races at Churchill Downs either in person at the track or online from the facility's dedicated wagering service, There are numerous kiosks and counters at the track for handling bets and wagering questions. Online betting requires you to set up an account and deposit funds to use.

The most direct way to bet on racing at Churchill Downs is in person at the track. The facility has numerous counters where track personnel are available to take bets and answer any questions you may have regarding the wagering processes and types of bets allowed. If you understand the wagering process and terminology, you can also use automated kiosks. These touch screen systems make it easy for experienced players to make bets and typically have shorter lines than the human-staffed stations on busy days.

You can also bet on races at Churchill Downs online. The only legally authorized way to bet into the same parimutuel betting pools run by the facility is to use its online wagering service, To use the service, you must set up an account by providing various identifying documents proving your age and address. You also have to electronically deposit funds into a special savings account which you then use for betting. Once your account is set up, you can bet through the dedicated website, or even over the phone via an automated system.