What Are Some Benefits of Swank HealthCare?

Allowing a medical facility's staff to receive continuing education from a single source and creating the educational curriculum that fits the facility's needs are a couple of benefits of Swank HealthCare, according to its website. Physician, nurses and other personnel can log in on the Swank HealthCare website to take courses.

Swank HealthCare offers continuing education and regulatory courses to military hospitals, civilian medical facilities, clinics and medical treatment facilities across the globe, explains the website. The company features an extensive learning solution that enables health care professionals to obtain their desired continuing education conveniently online.

The main benefits of using the Swank HealthCare Learning Management System include access to 500 new accredited courses annually and a diverse curriculum encompassing 20 different professions; the ability to comply with annual regulatory requirements by taking online courses; and the use of personalized training, such as a continuing education or continuing education medical program, notes the website. Swank HealthCare also provides tracking and assessment tools and consistent customer service.

Through the Swank HealthCare Learning Management System, health care organizations can also upload their own medical content, assign courses and produce reports, states the website. Clinical and nonclinical health care professionals can access more than 42 regulatory topics that tackle specific regulations to prepare for the Joint Commission visits.