What Are the Benefits of Online Banking With Wells Fargo?

What Are the Benefits of Online Banking With Wells Fargo?

Benefits of online banking with Wells Fargo include the availability of services such as checking and savings account monitoring, mobile banking, bill payment, money transfers, financial planning and investment management, states Wells Fargo Online. The complexity of information and numerous links are user friendly and easy to navigate, reports About.com.

Online applications are available for a number of banking services, according to Wells Fargo Online. These include checking and savings accounts, credit cards, auto loans, home equity loans, student loans, home mortgages, various types of insurance programs, business accounts and other commercial services. Once accounts are open, they can be accessed by computer, tablet or mobile phone. They are easily monitored, and activity alerts can be enabled. Statements are available for perusal at any time.

Customers also have the ability to set up automatic bill payments or handle individual bill payments or money transfers, says Wells Fargo Online. The My Money Map tool allows customers to track spending, budgets and savings with charts. Brokerage tools allow investors to manage portfolios online.

Wells Fargo has successfully transitioned into 21st century online banking products, reports About.com. Security is guaranteed. Although the amount of options is formidable, the Wells Fargo website is easy to use, and there is a considerable help topics database. Additional customer support is available by phone, post or email.

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