What Are the Benefits of Immunizing a Child?


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, states that there are many good reasons to immunize a child, which include protecting a child from 14 serious diseases and helping to minimize the spread of these preventable diseases to other children and adults. Another reason can be that children who are vaccinated will be healthier throughout their lives due to not contracting these childhood diseases.

Through vaccination, children do not have to experience diseases like polio, measles or pertussis that can cause serious health complications. The CDC also points out that vaccines are safe due to extensive testing.

Before there were vaccines for the diphtheria, the disease took approximately 10,000 lives each year, according to MedicineNet. After vaccination against diphtheria began in the 1930s, the reported cases of diphtheria dropped drastically. Measles is another disease that was very prevalent in the past that is no longer a problem because of vaccines. There are immunization schedules that begin in infancy to protect children against these diseases.

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