What Are Some Benefits to Healthcare Providers for Using CAQH?

Benefits for providers using the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare include streamlining the process for filling out multiple state credentialing applications; using direct uploading to eliminate manual document submissions; and saving time by self-registering rather than waiting for a health plan to initiate an application, states CAQH. Providers can also review and approve information before the data is imported into the system.

Providers who belong to CAQH can update their information easily, so that network directories, claims processors, quality assurance managers, emergency responders and member services can receive it in a timely manner, according to CAQH. Providers access CAQH services free of charge in all 50 states. Only the health care organizations that providers authorize to view their information can access it.

CAQH also gives providers a phone number and email address for support from the organization's help desk, reports CAQH. The help desk is available five days a week. The form that providers fill out is broad enough to be of use to many different organizations, but providers can complete their profiles over time. By pausing and saving their information, providers can return at a later time to finish the process. No organization is able to view a partially completed profile, because it must be verified as accurate before it is available.