What Are Some Benefits of Canvas Online Learning?

The Canvas online learning management system has many benefits, including its web-based application; its ability to let teachers, students and parents observe all classes at a glance; and an online grade book that can show when work has been submitted, when it is being graded and display a final or in-progress score. Further, each class page on Canvas is fully customizable and can include chat functions, achievement badges, host audio and video content and make use of automated tasks.

The Canvas dashboard allows students and their parents to keep track of all the activity in their classes in one convenient location. They can view current assignments and upcoming assignments, verify that their work has been submitted and enjoy the peace of mind of a time stamp to prove when work was uploaded. Once a teacher receives the student's work, it can be marked as in the grading queue, so students know to check back later for a final score. The online grade book keeps all scores and teacher feedback easily accessible.

The Canvas system is entirely web-based, so it does not matter what type of computer is used to access it, and no specific web browser is required to enjoy its full functionality. Further, the system is fully scalable, so schools of all sizes can benefit from it.