What Are Some of the Benefits of Ademco Alarm Panels?

Some benefits of Ademco alarm panels include having wireless system options, backup power for alarm systems and scalable systems that can fit dwellings from apartments to houses or estates. Honeywell acquired Ademco in 1999 as a subsidiary of the Pittway Company.

Ademco panels have various benefits depending on the model. One popular model is the Ademco VISTA-15. It has six hardwired security zones and can expand to an additional 26 wireless zones. A zone is an individual protection point, such as a window or door. The more zones a panel has, the more openings the system is capable of monitoring.

The VISTA-15 also has features that decrease the chances of false alarms. These include alarm cancel verification and short versus open detection. An exit delay reset also prevents false alarms by allotting time for leaving the home before the alarm reactivates.

Another Ademco alarm panel, the VISTA-20P, is a residential system that can be expanded for commercial use. It has a fire protection zone that supports up to 16 smoke detectors, making it ideal for a large area. The VISTA-20P has two terminals that supply auxiliary power for glass break detectors and motion detectors, keeping vital parts of the system active even during a power failure.

Another VISTA-20P benefit is that it is compatible with Honeywell devices that use alternative monitoring methods. Instead of needing land line alarm monitoring, system owners can add the Honeywell iGSMV, which provides Internet and GSM dual path monitoring communication.