How Do You Become a Professional Go Kart Racer?

How Do You Become a Professional Go Kart Racer?

You need to purchase many items in order to participate in professional go-kart racing, as described by Sumas International Motorosports Academy. Some of these include a chassis cart, an engine, club membership, race gear and a place to store the kart. Metric wrenches are also useful.

Begin by watching go-kart races. Due to liability, observers are usually required to purchase a pit pass for a nominal fee. This allows you to walk around the pit and see the karts up close. Introduce yourself to the kart drivers and ask questions.

Next, purchase safety gear. A suit, gloves, shoes and neck protector approved by the Commission Internationale de Karting, as well as a Snell-approved full face helmet, are helpful. Though less ideal, jeans, a motorcycle jacket and high-top shoes are suitable. Consider buying a rib protector as well; tremendous strain is often placed on a racer's ribs due to the immense amount of grip that karts generate. Rib protectors help avoid any associated pain.

Once gear and other items are bought, it's time to practice. There are tracks all over the world where you can tune equipment and practice racing skills. Before starting, be sure the transponder is charged and in place. Enact a complete nut and bolt check. Ensure the appropriate amount of chain tension with 1/2 to 3/4 inch of extra room. Apply chain lube and check tire pressure. Finally, make sure there is enough gasoline and that it is appropriately mixed.

As confidence builds, enter into some kart races. With time, practice can lead to professional status.